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No matter your numbers (100 or 1M+), we can help you get bigger and engage your user base!

The plan was to write a compelling “sales letter” introduction, with all the usual bells and pain triggers… instead… how about we show you some recent client results?

CASE STUDY: From ZERO to 30,000+ Real Twitter Followers in Less Than 30 Days—And as a Free Bonus, Thousands of Instagram, YouTube & TikTok Subscribers!

"All I can say is WOW! Tokenamix really delivered. I am super impressed with the results. They grew our Twitter 30,000 % and our other SM channels for free!"

Ray P.


Hi there, I’m Pablo Winyeci, Growth Consultant at Tokenamix™

As the name implies, we serve the Crypto industry: Crypto Exchanges, Tokens, DeFi apps, DAOs, new or established Cryptocurrencies, NFT Marketplaces, etc.

We also help Fintech and trading firms, since is almost impossible for them to advertise on Google or Facebook…

Here’s what we did for NFT-Pepi, the first NFT (non-fungible token) stand-up comedian in Ethereum History!

Twitter Growth: using a combination of paid “targeted” crypto traffic and Viral Tokenamix™ Funnels, we grew @NftPepi 30,000% — that is, from ZERO to over 30K+ real twitter followers…

We accomplished this in less than a month, and 4 times cheaper than other agencies, that charge $2-4 dollars per twitter follower + their ridiculous monthly “retainers” (management fees)…

Instagram: 1,888+ Followers (FREE Bonus)

And it gets better… much, much better!

NFT-Pepi got some amazing bonuses for FREE! We grew their Instagram, TikTok and YouTube at the same time we were mooning their Twitter…

All 3 social media platforms grew from ZERO to thousands followers, also in less than a month!

We know it’s hard to believe, that’s why we got NFT-Pepi permission to show the screenshots and live linked accounts…

YouTube: 1,830+ Subscribers (FREE Bonus)

TikTok: 1,700+ Followers (FREE Bonus)

What About Discord Growth?

"Pablo is a professional who thinks outside of the box and who executes at an extremely high level. You would be extremely lucky to have Tokenamix helping you with your online marketing."

Jonathan K.


Become a Social Media Sensation With Our World Class 3D Avatar Animated Productions

The famous Doge is just an example…

Yes, we also do 3D avatar animations (your chosen avatar can promote your coin, exchange, app, or brand).

A daily or weekly video sequence can be posted your SM channels and used on our viral funnels… done right, your “talking” avatar can become viral, 10X your social media engagement, and significantly grow your brand’s awareness!
Others like to complicate things, not us—here’s the skinny…

The Main Problem Tokenamix Solves

Huge Problem: slow social media growth and poor social media engagement!

That’s what we fix—that’s the main problem we solve.

Some projects or companies are new, and they struggle with both sides of that problem (growth and engagement)…

Other established Cryptos (exchanges, coins or apps) have 100’s of thousands of followers, even millions…

… but when they post, they get an extremely low amount of engagement, very few likes and almost no good RT or Share metrics (based on the amount of followers)…

Do you have that problem? Does your exchange, coin or app struggle with slow SM growth or poor SM engagement?
Perhaps you struggle with both: growth and engagement…

Whatever the case—Tokenamix™ got you covered.

Can we offer your marketing team an extra hand? You can take all the credit…

Tokenamix: The 'Secret Weapon' Marketing Teams Deploy to Get Amazing Results!

We often work for established marketing teams, and we’re glad for them to take ALL the credit from our efforts—our philosophy is simple: you win, we win!

It doesn’t matter at what stage your company or project is—about to launch, already launched, years in the game, established, seasoned, etc.

You might have 10, 100, 300,000 or 1M+ followers—no matter the stage, we can help you to get bigger (more popular) and grow your user/client base…

To SCALE your Social Media INFLUENCE, you need more eye balls—the RIGHT kind of eye ballsand Tokenamix™ can make that happen…
Our complex viral strategy works wonders, and the logic is simple…
Twitter is where “crypto” and “financial conversations” take place (that’s where your target market is). So, we grow your brand and followers on Twitter, and at the same time, we scale your entire “Social Media Universe” (wherever that might be).
How do we achieve that growth (any growth) with quality and speed?
Our process is proprietary (for obvious reasons)—it’s like a profitable trading algorithm you keep for yourself—but rest assured, we guarantee the results.
There are NO monthly retainers for this particular service—Tokenamix™ charges per growth-project—after we achieve a growth goal, you decide how far we go…
Let’s talk and make this happen.
Let's Chat and Explore Possibilities

"Get Actionable Marketing Intelligence at no cost" — Pablo, Tokenamix™

Why Tokenamix™ Might Be the Best Marketing Decision You'll Make This Year...

At Tokenamix™ our client’s come first.

We have the moral obligation, responsibility and privilege—to serve as many crypto and fintech companies as we can…

Because our viral-branding strategies (combined with our proven services) are 10 times more profitable for our clients—than anything the competition offers.

If you win, we win.

Is that simple.

What Tokenamix can do is amazing (never seen anything like it). Highly recommended for crypto projects that want to scale their social media."

Patricio T.

Our Values

Tokenamix™ has the moral obligation, responsibility and privilege—to serve as many clients as we are able—because our branding strategies are 10 times more profitable for our clients—than anything the competition offers.


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